Mongolian beef and ginger cauliflower rice

So, a little about the title of my page and how it originated. ¬†“Healthy Wholestyle” is a play on words encompassing a ‘whole’ -istic approach – see what I did there? ūüėČ ¬†to healthier living centered around better nutrition and¬†fitness. ¬† My focus on nutrition is on whole foods, and slaying the sugar dragon. ¬†My quest is to continue to improve the whole picture of my health; physical, mental, and emotional. ¬†I personally follow the¬†Whole30 design of eating (are you starting to see the ‘Whole’ picture now?), which is a stricter version of Paleo (I’ll get into that concept more later). ¬†But don’t go hating on Paleo now, or getting hung up on labels!!! ¬†I’m not really into the jargon about eating like cavemen and all that jazz.. I believe just in simplicity, in knowing what you are eating, and how it was made (like my tasty Whole30 dinner in the photo).

I always encourage people to keep an open mind, and find the path to better health that works for them. There is no one-size-fits-all plan, every body is different. ¬†That’s evolution. ¬†The biologist in me understands that the body is a machine, and it needs fuel. ¬†If you give it good quality fuel, it will run better. ¬†Its as simple as that. ¬†Focus on quality- ingredients and activities.

Along those lines, I came across an excellent article from Paleo F(x) today, and I wanted to share. Its short and well referenced¬†and¬†has a great focus on exercise and¬†proper¬†nutrition¬†for mental health. ¬†I completely agree with the article; tradition medication has its place, and it works, but I also think that the power of nutrition and fitness on health is way underestimated. ¬†that is a piece of the ‘whole’ picture that is often overlooked when we look for answers for illness.

Eating and Exercising for Mental Health: Mens Sana In Corpore Sano