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I have been dabbling in Whole30 meal prepping, and have been inundated with requests for lunches and snack foods.  This week has been all about recipe testing, creating, and adapting.  I’ve had some wonderful successes, and some that need *ahem* a bit more work. But, despite the hours in the kitchen, and the masses of dishes (who can relate??), I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed my time in the kitchen as much.  My husband is home now from a long overseas trip, and he immediately got to work on kitchen projects, and so each day the kitchen is feeling more and more like home. New lighting, new granite island with stools, padded matting for standing.. and he still working.  So, that has inspired lots of kitchen creativity.  Feeling at home in my kitchen means that hours and hours of cooking just whiz by as I’m playing with new ideas and techniques.  

Last night, I got home from my workout, and I was really hungry, like the raid the fridge and ‘eat all the things’ hungry.  I had food prepped, but nothing appealed and I wanted a sandwich because my husband has been toasting bread at EVERY meal, and I love the smell.  It never tastes as good as it smells, though, so I decided to find an alternative.  I used the steamed trout I had in the fridge, along with shredded raw zucchini, and raw spinach, seasoned with S&P and some wasabi powder and wrapped it all in nori (seaweed sheets).  Sadly the plate was very difficult to photograph and tastes better than it looks. I served it with cherry tomatoes and radishes for some extra crunch.  I tried it for lunch today, and it doesn’t pack well as lunch as the zucchini gets a bit soggy, but it still tastes fantastic, and the wasabi powder got a bit more potent.  


I also tried some new recipes while I was playing.. I mean.. WORKING.. in the kitchen.  I went exploring on a couple of my favorite recipe blogs and hunted for packable lunch ideas.  I want something portable, can be stored in the fridge or freezer easily, and has adjustable portion sizes.  My starting point was lean ground beef.  

I tried the Meat and Spinach Muffins from Mel Joulwan’s “Well Fed” page.  I subbed fresh Swiss Chard steamed in organic apple cider vinegar for the spinach, since I’m cooking as much in-season veggies as I can right now.  These taste wonderful, but my oven was a bit too hot and so this batch wasn’t so photogenic!! Ooops.. 
But.. it still tasted amazing, so I chopped up a couple of the muffins and added them to my egg white omelette today, and topped it with homemade Whole30 sriracha sauce from Nom Nom Paleo.  


After two years of searching for the elusive “red jalepeno” to make the sauce, I found a spicy red pepper at the local veggie store that worked just as well.  They are golf-ball sized red hot peppers.  BONUS.. I got to try my food processor for the first time (flea market find!), and it worked fantastic for blending the sauce.  It is great to FINALLY have a hot sauce that is Whole30 compliant, and not loaded with sugar or sulphites as most of the store bought ones are.  

I also created my own recipe for a beef and pole bean casserole, and taco stuffed bell peppers, both of which were excellent, and so I will work on writing those up into recipe format.


Here is the link to the Meat and Spinach Muffins (without my adaptation), in liue of showing what my own creation looked like!!

Meat & Spinach Muffins

And for the sauce..

What are your favorite paleo/Whole30 lunch ideas?  What makes it a good recipe for you?  Share your ideas in the comments.