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2007 to 2015

Welcome to Healthy Wholestyle!! My name is Mary Ann Middleton and this page is about my journey to discovering a healthy lifestyle.  I’m a recovering PhD student (I successfully defended my thesis in 2016, and wore the floppy hat with pride!!).


PhD Convocation 2016







I now pursue my passion in fitness and nutrition.  I train at Whitney’s 12Round Fitness in Surrey, BC. In early 2014 on a whim, I walked into a gym that was unlike any other I had been to.  No machines, no crowds, just heavy bags, weights, and an inclusive environment where I could focus on working on me and my health, and what size I was, or what I looked like didn’t matter.  We are all on our own personal journey here to create the best version of ourselves.

Check it out:
Whitney’s 12Round Fitness

Since 2014, I started with running, and I’ve gone from the Couch 2 5K to a half-marathon, to cross-country racing, to obstacle course racing, all the way to Tough Mudder!!  I’ve been introduced to cycling, and recently I have found powerlifting!! Two years ago, I had never touched a barbell, and could barely manage exercises with a 5 lb dumb-bell, and I have recently competed in my first BC Powerlifting Association competition and deadlifted 303 lbs!!!


Along with having fun and getting fit, I have also found a passion for nutrition.  In 2014, I discovered the Whole30 plan, and by maintaining a whole food eating plan and lifestyle, I have had amazing success with overcoming health problems such as allergies, inflammation, and controlling anxiety. I’ve discovered a whole new world of better living though better eating!  And also that I’m borderline obsessed with breakfast and salads!! I’m a dedicated Whole30-er, but I also believe there is no “one-size-fits-all” eating plan that works for everyone, so I’m studying for my nutrition certification so I can learn more about nutrition and the concepts behind viewing food as fuel.

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I’m a complete newbie to the world of blogging, so hopefully posts will be following soon, but in the meantime, this brief introduction will have to suffice.  If you want to know more about my story, go to My Story to read more.